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Serving the Community for Generations

The Hibdon family has been providing reliable and valuable services to the local community for decades. Before Hibdon’s Heat and Air was established in Oklahoma City to offer trusted and honest HVAC services to homeowners throughout the area, our family established its roots in the local tire business. Our founder, Ray Hibdon, was a proven leader in exceptional customer service when he made the bold decision to offer customers flat tire repair free of charge, even if they purchased their tires elsewhere. Making a decision like that on a business practice was unheard of at that time and increased customer loyalty and put the family tire business ahead of the competition.

Hibdon’s Heat and Air Family

Hibdon's Heat and Air Van

A Family Business Focused on Customer Happiness

Les Hibdon, owner of Hibdon’s Heat and Air, grew up working in his family’s tire shop and learned first-hand about the benefits of putting the treatment of customers and employees before all else. The Hibdon family has always had an end goal of providing superior customer service to every person that walked through the door by offering exceptional value, such as warranties on all tires sold at no extra charge. Treatment of employees was just as critical. Les still believes that Ray’s belief was right: That if our company is a great place to work with employees who are treated well and respected, they will treat the customers even better. And that’s still how he operates Hibdon’s Heat and Air today!

Carrying On the Hibdon Legacy

The Hibdon family sold the tire business over a decade ago. However, all of the beliefs and important business lessons about fantastic customer service, employee happiness, and quality products and services we learned from Ray are part of Hibdon’s Heat and Air to this day. We offer incredible value to the local community with:

  • Complete HVAC installation and repairs
  • Air quality improvement for better health
  • Customer Comfort Maintenance Agreements
  • Emergency heating and air conditioning services
  • Modern technology through a downloadable app

Contact Our Family for HVAC Services in the Oklahoma City Metro Area

As a family raised with roots here in Oklahoma City, we like to say this is a community of “my kind of people.” Every day our HVAC team goes on a service call to a customer’s home, we know there is a family just like ours inside that needs essential heating and cooling service for the comfort and health of mothers, fathers, children, grandparents, and pets. Contact the friendly team at our local family business the next time you need HVAC service.

My Kind of People – Contact Us Today!