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My Kind of People | A Great Legacy

Even though we sold our tire company over a decade ago, we still offer that great customer service with everything we do.  I still remember my high school summers working changing tires, learning the family business when my father made a monumental decision for our company.  He decided that we would fix everyone’s flats for free, regardless of whether they purchased the tire from Hibdon’s or somewhere else.  This was absolutely unheard of at the time.  And beyond that, he made sure that we warrantied every tire we sold at no extra cost to our customers.


Looking back, I can say with certainty that these decisions are what put Hibdon’s on the map and on the way to dominance in the retail tire world with an incredible 46% market share in Oklahoma. My father has since passed, but not without leaving us many great business lessons, including treating our customers honestly. He wanted our company to be a great place to work. He always told me that if you treat your employee’s well, they will treat our customers even better. How right Dad turned out to be.


I hope that when you need your heater or AC serviced or tuned up you will consider giving the Hibdon family a call. 

Les Hibdon

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